Galadriel and Finrod

Date: Mar. 7, 2003
Medium: CGI (Paint Shop Pro + mouse)
Comment: This one was done over a period of about a week... a busy week, and I told myself I shouldn't have been drawing, but once it was finished, I was glad I did. I felt like I needed some female elves other than Lúthien and Idril, and except for a few things that I can forgive her for, Galadriel is my favorite female elf. I also wanted to redraw Finrod, or attempt to (although I felt like my computer graphic skills had improved since drawing him, I still feared I couldn't match that picture), but I didn't want to do just a regular portrait. This is supposed to be in Doriath when Galadriel is asking Finrod why he is not married, and Finrod is (fatalistically) replying that he is doomed and he knows it.

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