The Oath of Fëanor

Date: Numerous revisions, first version Dec. 23, 2002
Medium: CGI (Paint Shop Pro + mouse)
Comment: This was an inevitable picture... I could not just keep drawing Fëanor himself without drawing the whole vicious and dysfunctional family... and what better way to portray all of them than in their most glorious moment? After completing this, I had started to like one of the sons almost as well as the father (but only almost). Which one? Curufin, of all of them—the most vicious of the lot.

Behind the platform, from left to right: Maedhros, Amrod, and Amras. In front, from left to right: Maglor, Caranthir, Celegorm, and Curufin. Need I identify Fëanor?

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