Lady Verdia

Date: Sep. 11, 2007 (updated Dec. 2011)
Medium: CGI (Paint Shop Pro with a mouse and Wacom tablet)
Comment: This is a very large drawing (the original is 18x24 inches) of the protagonist of a sci-fi/fantasy/political work-in-progress. Or rather, "Verdia" is her nom de guerre.  She's what I'm calling a sorceress, but the setting is a different planet in a far different part of our universe, and a form of energy is there in abundance that the locals first called "magic" for lack of a better term.

The central plot issue is a society-wide political conflict.  After a revolution, the revolutionary leaders have become dictators.  Verdia is an 18-year-old who manages to inspire people to flock to her banner.  As she digs deeper into the true history of her society, the dictatorship, the ineffective Resistance, and the monarchs that were deposed in the last revolution, she learns some things that all but destroy her faith in humanity.  But with her own growing political influence, as well as the stupendous magic power she learns to tap into, she finds herself faced with some of the same choices that she condemned the old political leaders for making.

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